Upcoming webinars & events

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What we are doing

We are two new moms based in Canada, recently started a project to help new parents in North America.

We invite experts in different fields to give online webinars (<45mins) to new parents, the idea is to help new parents become equipped with relevant knowledge.


Why we are doing this

We were both very frustrated when we became new moms. One of us had mastitis multiple times with abscess, while the other had postpartum depression. We both felt helpless and lonely at the time and hope we can do something to help others going forward.


What we have done so far

–written in early June, 2020–

We have hosted several webinars (details here) and so far the traction has been great. We have had several hundred parents all over North America sign up.

We originally started this for Chinese-speaking parents, and we are gradually expanding it to a wider English-speaking group.

These live webinars are free to attend.